How to Get Perfect Eyebrows at Home?

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Trimming eyebrows is an essential part of regular self-grooming routine. However, due to workload and busy lifestyle, it might become difficult to get your eyebrows done.

Therefore, we have arranged a few easy ways to get perfect eyebrows at home.  

Figure Out Your Perfect Brow Shape

  • Take a pencil to line up the inside corner of your eye. Mark a spot at the crossing point and make dots with eyeliner pencil on both sides.
  • Look straight into the mirror and find the spot for peak brow arch. For this, line up the pencil with the outer edge of your nostril and iris. The spot where the pencil crosses the brow is where your arch should peak.
  • Determine the right place for your brow to end by lining up the pencil with the outer edge of your nostril to the outer edge of the brow. The crossing point of the outer brow with a pencil is where the brow should end.
  • Using an eyeliner pencil, draw the outline around the eyebrow.
  • Brush the eyebrows in the direction of growth to ensure a clean cut.

You can now start to shape your brows using any of these methods:

Eyebrow Shaver

Check the shaver and blade beforehand, to ensure smooth working. Apply a small amount of shaving cream. Hold your skin tight to avoid any cuts and then shave your brow in the direction of hair growth along the lines drawn.

Eyebrow Trimmer

Eyebrow electric trimmer is super easy to use. It has a shape of a pen and so, you can simply trim your eyebrows by tracing along the drawn lines to get perfect eyebrows in no time.

Brush the eyebrows to check and then use scissors/ tweezer if required for any additional hair removal. Apply some essential oil to ensure healthy eyebrow hair and skin.

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