What is Eyebrow Threading?

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If you are super careful about your eyebrow look and maintenance or need to remove some extra hair from arch or end of the brow, eyebrow threading is the best and safe option for you. Eyebrow threading is one of the simplest and painless processes to shape perfect eyebrows. However, if you haven’t experienced the process, you will surely be fascinated by how a simple thread can transform your eyebrow in a few minutes.

The eyebrow threading starts with a simple cotton thread or a threading thread. After rinsing the forehead and drying the excess water, brush the eyebrow to understand the shape in a better way. The piece of thread is tied and twisted with two loops at each end for holding. This piece of thread is then pulled along roots of the unwanted hair. The hair then twists along the thread and is plucked out leaving you perfect eyebrows free from unwanted hair.

People can also prefer holding one end of the thread in mouth and then twist the thread to roll over skin efficiently. While there are different types of threading, the basics of twisting and rolling over the skin remain the same. It is considered as the safest and precise method of hair removal as it is completely chemical free and ideal for achieving perfect eyebrows. Most of the dermatologists suggest the use of eyebrow threading over all other methods like use of eyebrow trimmer.

After threading, remember to clean the area and apply essential oil to ensure healthy skin and eyebrow hair. Check out our eyebrow trimmer now!

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