Our Story

FairyBrow was created with a simple object in mind - easily create immaculate eyebrows. Our trimmer features a convenient and perfect way which is used to create immaculate eyebrows.

FairyBrow is a brand from an innovative beauty company Seayn Beauty which focused on creating unique cosmetic products and beauty related brands.

The FairyBrow team is a group of creative minds and cosmetic professionals from San Francisco and Los Angeles working together to produce high quality beauty products!

We've aligned the entire team around one mission to give consumers highly desirable products that are useful and we create products that are made with advanced technologies and formulas that are proven to safely and effectively work for you.

We make sure that each product takes care of your beauty problems at the source. They are specially crafted to bring impressive results with continued use.

Then we used our network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers to make sure we can always deliver the best items right on your door step.

At the end of the day, we just want to give you something that can make a difference to your life and encourage to continue to be passionate about what you believe in.

We hope you enjoy our store, and please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions!
Please contact our customer service team at support@fairybrow.com